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The Reinwardt Monument

The Reinwardt Monument – The Remembrance of The Founder

The Reinwardt Monument. Funny, indeed but I bet that many people who takes their photo near this monument may not realize about how precious the memorial is. They are understood, however, as the place is one of the most photogenic, yet instagrammable in Bogor...
Canopy Tree on Pajajaran Street

Beautiful Tree Canopy on Pajajaran Street is Really… Green

Probably, it can be true or not, people may think that to see green landscape in Bogor can only be done in The Famous Bogor Botanical Gardens. It is not 100$ correct. Yes, it is true that the Gardens provides such green so refreshing views...
head of dragon in Bogor Lantern Festival or Cap Go Meh 2017

The Heads of Dragons – Those Are Not From The Game of Thrones

Avsolutely, I am NOT. It is for sure that I am not a gamer who is fond of Game of Thrones. I am too old and perhaps 20 years past of age to play a game like that. Neither have I watched the movie...
Bir Kocok Bogor

Beer That Won’t Make You Drunk, Beershake of Bogor

You may think I am mad. Indonesia is known to have very religious country with more than 80% of its population are moslem and moslem don't drink alcohol. However, I will still suggest you to this this "beer" while you are in Bogor. People in...
flamethrower in Bogor

Flamethrower In Bogor – The Lantern Festival 2017

Have you ever seen flame comes out from someone's mouth? I meant real fire not metaphor. If you never saw, then probably, you should start to book your trip to Indonesia, to Bogor City for your next year vacation. Yeah, unfortunately, next year not this year....
mating trees

Mating Trees : Can trees make you a couple?

You can believe it, or not. It is up to you. However, there is myth about what a couple of trees can make to someone's love relationship. It is said if lovers, of course man and woman sit under the tree couple, then their love...
Makanan khas Jepang

Looking for Sushi in Bogor? No worry. You Can Find It Easily

Eating raw fishes is never the culture of Sundanese people, nor the custom of Indonesians. It was unimaginable to have dishes made from fishes without baking or grilling them on our table. Sundanese, like also Indonesians, always prefer to have fished to be either fried...

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Snow White Character On Bogor Street

I Met A Snow White On Bogor Street

Yes, I met a Snow White few days ago. Not from TV but on Nyi Raja Permas street, one street in BogorCity. Here, take a...
Smoking While Waiting

Waiting Woman Shopping? I Know How It Feels

I know. I do really know. Waiting woman shopping is terrible. However, I am not sure having too many cigarettes is good either. Better to...
How to go directly to Bogor from Cengkareng International airport

How To Go Directly To Bogor From Cengkareng International Airport

People may think that to reach Bogor City from Cengkarenang/Soekarno Hatta International Airport, they have to make a transit in Jakarta, the Capital of...
Heulang Park Bogor

Enjoy The Fresh Air In Heulang Park, The Falcon park

While you stay in Bogor, either for only a night or longer, you should go out from your hotel and enjoy the city. One...
The Rice Field On Salak Mountain Bogor

The Rice Field And The Farmer – Time To Work Hard

Rainy season is coming. A new hope will surely accompany its re-appearance in Bogor. After quite a long drought, people, especially who earn a living...