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Kencana Park - The Favorite Gathering Place , Night and Day

Kencana Park – The Favorite Gathering Place , Night and Day

Kencana Park (Taman Kencana) is the name of a public area, a park located in Central Bogor District. It's located in an upper class...
Morning VIew in One Corner of Bogor Palace Frontyard a

[Photo] Morning VIew at One Corner of Bogor Palace Frontyard a

I wish I had iPhone 6 on my phone. This gadget has a quality camera, much better than the ASUS T00N on my hand. I...
traditional children's toy - bogor ethnobotany museum

Traditional Children Toys Collection [Bogor Ethnobotany Museum]

If you ever wants to see how children, in Bogor and many other places in Indonesia, played, perhaps Ethnobotany Museum in Juanda Street could...
the view of sempur bridge 2

The Sempur Bridge – Almost 100 Years Old

The above picture shows one of oldest bridge inside the city of Bogor, the Sempur Bridge. It spreads across Ciliwung river connecting from West to...
The wreckage of the three wheeler becak 2

The Wreckage of The Three Wheeler, Becak

Funny, indeed. Even myself sometimes thinks that it is funny to know that I have been quite obsessed capturing an old mean of transportation,...
Open Defecation UN Environment Assembly May Send Their Envoy If They This Picture

Open Defecation : UN Environment Assembly May Send Their Envoy If They This Picture

Probably, if there is a member of UN Environment Assembly seeing the above picture, then they may send immediately an emissary to Bogor to...
The Nine Gates - Terrace That Symbolizes How You Should Live In Bogor b

THE NINE GATES – The New Landmark That Symbolize How You Should Live Bogor

I should have written this article almost a year ago because this is related to the landmark of Bogor City inaugurated around January. Unfortunately,...

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The Giant Sleeping Buddha Statue in Bogor

The Giant Sleeping Buddha Statue In Bogor

When we speak about Buddha, many foreigners' mind will surely travel to a place where there are large communities of Biddhist people, Thailand. So,...
Mount Salak Bogor

Mount Salak – the Silver Mountain

As written on my previous writing about the short description of Bogor, this rain city is located in mountainous area. It is surrounded by...
General Sudirman Statue

General Sudirman Statue – The Symbol of Freedom Spirit

Right in the middle of on of the most busiest street in Bogor City, there is a statue stand in front of one of...
Katulampa Weir In Bogor

The More Than 100 Years Old Katulampa Weir

Katulampa Weir or in Indonesian, it is called Bendung Katulampa, is a 74 M length structure located in East Bogor. It stretches across the...
Things To See in Bogor Botanical Gardens

20 Things To See In Bogor Botanical Gardens

Tourists coming to The Famous Bogor Botanical Gardens often wonder what to see, experience and enjoy during their visit. Yes, there are information tourist boards located...