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colorful suspension bridge between Sempur and Lebak Kantin a

The Views of Colorful and Cheerful Suspension Bridge Between Sempur – Lebak Kantin

It is just a common suspension bridge daily connecting two areas, the square of Bogor, Sempur and a riverside settlement in Lebak Kantin. Its...
tree with no leaves in bogor botanical garden

Spot For Taking Photo : Tree Without Leaves in Bogor Botanical Garden

A tree should always have leaves, otherwise it won't be able to do photosynthesis and obtain "food" for itself. A tree without leaves often...
angel waterfall sentul bogor i

Bogor Also Has Angel Waterfall

I am not kidding and it can be proven. Yes, definitely Bogor has also Angel Waterfalls or in short Angel Falls. At least, its...
Free Smartphone Charging Booth in Commuter Train Stations b

[Don’t Worry] Free Smartphone Charging Booth Available in All Commuter Train Stations

We understand. This century people, society are so attached to their smartphones, gadget and having a low battery ones could ruin their day. Low battery...
This inscription is made by foreigner

This Inscription Was Carved By Foreigner

In Bogor Botanical Gardens, near the main entry gate around 50-100 meters, there is a thing where you may think that you are looking...
roti bakar eddy Bogor

Grilled Fermented Cassava at “Roti Bakar Eddy”

This grill fermented cassava with cheese and chocolate should be able to represent the life in Bogor. This simple food is a combination of...
Terowongan jembatan sempur

Sempur Bridge Tunnel

The above photo shows one of historical place in Bogor City, The Sempur Bridge Tunnel or often called Sempur Tunnel. Short tunnel, indeed. Its length...

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Public Bath in Bogor

Riverside Public Bath In Katulampa – So Sad!

The picture was taken in Katulampa District, East Bogor. Few women sit on a place covered by rag with a political party name written. Perhaps,...
Bogor Cathedral Church

The Bogor Cathedral Church – The Heritage

The photo above is what has been known as The Bogor Cathedral Church. It was built in 1896 by a man named MYD Claessen, a...
Bina Harapan The Orphanage

Bina Harapan, The Orphanage – The Preserved Heritage

The Bina Harapan Orphanage is one structure categorized as Bogor City's Cultural Heritage. It is located almost at the end of Sudirman Street, in close...
Hotel dekat Kebun Raya

Hotels near Bogor Botanical Gardens

Hotels near Bogor Botanical Gardens - As tourists, you should have a question about where should you stay in the city you visit. You...
Makanan khas Jepang

Looking for Sushi in Bogor? No worry. You Can Find It Easily

Eating raw fishes is never the culture of Sundanese people, nor the custom of Indonesians. It was unimaginable to have dishes made from fishes...