App-Based Transportation is Also Available in Bogor

For anyone who still feels inconvenient to use a conventional transportation, like “angkot”, during their stay in Bogor, perhaps there is a solution, an app-based transportation.

The name of UBER or GRAB has been available in the city. As long as there is the apps in your android smartphone, then everyone can order a transportation to anywhere inside the city, or even to go to other cities like Jakarta or Tangerang.

There are several app-based transportation operating in Bogor, i.e. :

  • Grab Car – car taxi
  • Grab Bike – motorcycle taxi
  • Uber – car taxi
  • Go-Bike – motorcycle taxi
  • Go-Car – car taxi
  • Bo-Jek – motorcycle taxi

If you also want to have something to eat but feel that you are too tired to get out from your room, then, you can also use the Go-Food app. They will send any Bogor culinary to wherever you stay.

The transportation has become more and more popular in the city and their service is good and reliable.

The fare is also cheap, even compared to the conventional public transportation or taxi. The operating hours, well, it depends but they operates from very early in the morning, before the dawn until midnight. Some may still operate even after.

Don’t forget to install the apps in your android if you want to come to Bogor. This can be very useful and easy way to go anywhere inside the city.

Mari Berbagi

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