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Broken Heart Bridge in Bogor Botanical Gardens

A broken heart is something that no one in this world likes to suffer. I believe you don’t either. It sucks.

It is the reason for many couples , that come to Bogor Botanical Gardens not to make a cross to one specific bridge in the Gardens. They don’t want to take any risks on their relationship.

Jembatan Pemutus Cinta - The Broken Heart Bridge
Jembatan Pemutus Cinta – The Broken Heart Bridge

The Bogor Botanical Gardens consists of two parts. Each of them is separated by the stream of Ciliwung river. For visitors or people to get across from one side to the other, there are three bridges inside the Gardens.

One ,the widest is made by concrete props with asphalt roadway in the middle of the three. The other two are smaller and suspension type bridges on North and South side.

It is not the concrete bridge that scares the lovers from crossing it. It is one of the suspension bridges. The broken heart bridge refers to the Southern bridge.

From my view, the bridge is so normal and common. The look is also ordinary. The length of the bridge is around 15-20 M and the width is 1 M. Iron wires suspend the body of it. All parts are painted in red.

There is no indication that the bridge can do harm to anything. Hey, it is just a bridge.

But.. like also many other cities in the world, there is , always a myth or the story of mouth. This bridge should a victim of that. I am not sure how a bridge, a thing that can not even talk or walk could cause a breakup between couples. This is something illogical.

However many pairs, not only from Bogor but also from other places outside believe it. They prefer not to use the shortest way from the Mexican Park to the House of Orchid in the Gardens. Instead of crossing this bridge, they will walk farther to the middle bridge.

One of my friends once told me that she suffered a breakup after she and her lover crossed the Broken Heart bridge.


The broken heart bridge Bogor
The picture of the broken heart bridge in Bogor Botanical Garden

Having given a thought on this case, I finally come to a conclusion. The conclusion on the irrational attitude actually is not something strange or weird in this country.

The old superstitious way of thinking still crouches somewhere inside, many even modern and educated persons. The old culture are still strongly influenced the minds.

Although Bogor (and Indonesian) people can be considered as civilized and modern society but daily, some remains of the past culture show up.

Especially, considering the bridge is located in one of the oldest places in Bogor. If we look around the Gardens, then we can find that none of the Gardens parts are free from any myths. The bridge is just one of them.

I will tell you the others later.


For me, the broken heart bridge doesn’t exist. Definitely! You will find no data about how many couples are considered unsuccessful in their love affair. I don’t think there is. The couples will never report to the administrator about the failure and the administrator must be too busy to hear the cry of a broken heart lover. Am I correct ?

The broken heart bridge Bogor
The broken heart bridge on the direction to House of Orchid Bogor Botanical Gardens

However, there is one benefit by having a mysterious thing. It will attract people to come to see (and even try their luck).

It also displays something good and romantics actually. That the lovers, that are so scared to cross the bridge care a lot about their relationship. They do not want to take any risk that will disrupt and disturb their relationship.

( I am trying to find the bright side from stupid thing, so do not laugh at me)
How about you? What do you think? If you come to Bogor Botanical Gardens, will you make a cross to the bridge? I will be honored to take you there if you want.

Hmm.. I guess I know your reply.

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2 thoughts on “Broken Heart Bridge in Bogor Botanical Gardens”

  1. That’s an interesting and rich story behind an ordinary looking bridge. Now, I’m never gonna look at this bridge the same way.

    Ours in our town is a “married couple bridge”. There’s a legend there too, that these were a couple that was somewhat separated or cursed.

    What stories in each town, right? 🙂


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