The Challenging Cilember Waterfall

Cilember Waterfall, or should I say Cilember cataract considering its size, is one of some recommended tourist attractions when you come to Bogor.

It is located in an area considered as the most favorite destination for tourism, Ciasura, Puncak, Bogor Regency. The location is not too far from Indonesia Safari Park or the famous Puncak Path.

It takes around 1.5 hours driving or riding from the center of Bogor City, Bogor Palace. However, this time depends on how crowd traffics on the area is. The ways to Cilember Cataract must go through the most popular area for tourism in Bogor and the traffic is usually very very crowded during weekends or holdays.

It is also the reason why the title of this article starts with a word “challenging”. Even from the very beginning, if you want to go there, you will already face challenging conditions in a form of overcrowded roads.

Cilember Waterfall

Cilember Waterfall
The beautiful view of The 7th waterfall

I should call it Lember waterfall as Cilember means Lember Water (Ci in Sundanese means water). However, since people call it Cilember, I should also follow common name used.

In the complex of Cilember Waterfall, actually there are 7 cataracts locate din different height. To reach each of them will require visitors to walk over the hill among 150-500 meters.

It is still not like a hill climbing that needs special preparation and equipment. But, the road requires all visitors to be in fresh condition and have enough energy. Quite exhausting, especially for elder people legs.

All waterfalls are named simply by number. The closest one to entry gate is called as The 7th waterfall. This is the tallest with 30-40 meter tall and caused by its location it is the first and favorite to be enjoy.

Cilember waterfall is believed to be the bathing place of princesses of Sundanese Kingdom that rule Bogor in the past.

What you can do in Cilember Waterfall

Cilember waterfall

The place offers you something that are getting rare nowadays, natural beauty and also fresh air.

Being located in the foothill, visitors will be buoyed by cool weather typical of pine forests and mountain. Eyes will be pampered by the green of pine forests.

Visitors can enjoy cool water fallen from height in a pond siting at the bottom of the cataracts. They can also play on the creek formed.

You can go hiking or just relax while you are looking at green landscape. Visitors can also camp inside the location as the resort is known also for its camping area.

Or, you can test your own physics by trying to reach all cataracts inside. At this moment, almost no one have ever done it in one day.

If you are a photographer or at least an enthusiast, the place offers you abundance of beautiful scenery to capture. I took more than 300 pictures while I was here few months ago.


Curug Cilember BogorSome myths related to especially the 7th cataract has been widely spread. It is said that if you bathe in the pond under the 7th waterfall, it will ease you to find your soulmate, wife or girlfriends. The water of the pond is also said to be able to cure many diseases.

Further myth also mentions that if you take a bath at the nigh of Ramadhan month, the fasting month, you will be granted with power and obtain God’s blessing.

Honestly, I don’t believe that. However, I believe in something about Cilember waterfall. It is that the place has cured by tiredness after working daily in the office. It is tiring, indeed, due to the quite challenging location but it is freshening at the same time.

Even though, there are challenges visitors will surely meet to reach to the location, Cilember waterfall is one place I would recommend to you. It is a nice place to erase fatigue residue of our daily activities.

Curug Cilember Bogor

(You can see also another beautiful waterfall in The Pretty Nangka Waterfall)

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2 thoughts on “The Challenging Cilember Waterfall”

  1. I see there are many waterfalls in Bogor you have written in this blog.. to a person from east Indonesia, Bogor, especialy Puncak Bogor is the place I have to visit. I always wondering why people want to spend their time on the street to get trapped in traffic light only to go to Puncak Bogor. I courious about the beautifull things of Bogor.

    • Ahh…. Rush.. Trust me. It’s paid off when you reach there. I know the traffic is so bad but it’s worth to enjoy. Fresh air. Beautiful landscape. You will see something that you will not find in Jakarta or cities.

      Of course, it’s not nice to get trapped on traffic but many people still think that it deserves to pay such price to see Puncak.

      Please try when you are here. Perhaps, we can have a chat so I can provide you with more information


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