Is It Convenient Using Commuter Train Service ?

Probably, you have such a question as well, especially if you are a non Indonesian visitor coming from a country that already has more established train service. Will it be convenient using Indonesia commuter train service?

Well, I will have the same question if I visit an overseas country as well. Train is the cheapest transportation means and can be the fastest way to reach a nearby location.

Many Indonesians have the question too, especially the ones who don’t live in the Jabodetabek area (Greater Jakarta that includes Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Depok City).

Many stories about how sloppy and poor service provided by Indonesian Train Company had spread since long time ago. Trains without windows, passengers at the roof of trains, peddlers inside passenger coach were some you could find easily on internet.

Yep, it was. I admitted. As a regular user of commuter train service between Bogor City and Jakarta for more than 28 years , I experienced what was written on the above paragraphs. It was true and 100% correct.

But, I said it “was”. The sentence used a Simple Past Tense that should explain an action that happened in the past time and have stopped when the sentence was said.

This means, the condition of commuter train service in the Greater Jakarta has changed a lot, quite drastic actually. A lot development has been done by the administrator.

They have replaced the trains with “younger” ones. They have been re-establishing stations and equipping them with more and more facilities. They have applied more control and tasked many people to make sure that passengers experience proper and good service.

In short, if you may have read old articles on internet about the condition if Indonesia commuter train services, then better you look for a new one. The articles may no longer represent current condition.

Kebersihan di Dalam Commuter Line Selalu Terjaga 2

Pictures inside this writing were taken few weeks ago in Bogor Train Station and inside the train. But, you may consider those as representation of what you fill find almost in all stasiun under PT KCJ, the administrator of commuter train service.

I know that you feel I am not fair enough to take pictures when it is not full but at least the service and facility you may get will be the same.

You will find that even though is still not at the same level as MTR in Singapore or MRT in Hongkong, all changes show that Indonesia commuter train service are on right direction and only need some time to reach the same level.

Proper facilities, officers that are always ready to help, clean toilet, automatic ticket vending machines, clean stations, electronic gate and ticketing and many other things are provided for passengers. Very passenger friendly.

The Inside Look of Bogor Train Station 3

So, if the question is whether using a commuter train service in Jakarta and its satellite cities is convenient, then the answer is YES, in uppercase.

Don’t worry that I will lie to you. I am not an ambassador of PT KCJ (KCJ Plc) so there is no commission or benefit given to me for writing this article. The only reason is I don’t want people, especially coming from overseas writing about how bad traffic between Jakarta and my hometown Bogor because they have a bad experience stuck inside a car for 3 or 4 hours. There is another way and more convenient to reach Bogor i.e. by taking a commuter train service.

It is cheaper and more convenient. The only thing you must do is only to avoid busy hours in the morning and afternoon. Then, everything will be fine for you.

The Inside Look of Bogor Train Station

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