Forgot Your Umbrella? Don’t Panic, Just Buy a Disposable Plastic Raincoat

Bogor City has a nickname, “Rain City”. There is only one reason for this. Yes, you are correct. It rains a lot.

Rain falls so often. Even, when a weatherman or lady says, it will be a sunny day, do not trust 100% what they say, unfortunately. It is not because they are not a good weatherman but because this is Bogor. Rain comes anytime it wants.

So, please don’t forget or leave your umbrella or raincoat at home when you travel to the city. Please always be prepared.

How about if you don’t bring it. There are two options. The first, enjoy the rain and get wet. It feels, sometimes, nice and refreshing. The second, buy a disposable plastic raincoat.

a disposable raincoat seller in Bogor 01

Those two photos of a man in light green show how a disposable plastic raincoat seller in Bogor looks like. Usually, they stay in one specific place such as bus station or train station, or of course on a street. They are waiting for anyone who is careless enough not to bring apparatus to keep them dry during rain.

Very cheap. Only Rp. 10.000, or less than a dollar. Few thousand rupiahs cheaper than if you buy from a convenience store and with more or less same quality, disposable. Easy to wear as well, no need a manual to use it. Just open and wear.

You can throw it after you safely arrive at your destination, and hopefully in dry condition. But, you can also keep it for your next round of trip in Bogor. Although it is labelled as disposable, in fact, it doesn’t have to be disposed after it is used once. It is still usable for three or four times.

Anyway, I will still keep suggesting to you, again and again. If you want to come to my hometown, Bogor, please prepare yourselves and don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a proper and better raincoat with you. It will avoid you from getting wet.

Mari Berbagi

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