Grilled Fermented Cassava at “Roti Bakar Eddy”

This grill fermented cassava with cheese and chocolate should be able to represent the life in Bogor. This simple food is a combination of a “traditional” and “modern” culture enjoyed by most of people in the city.

The fermented cassava is a typical traditional snack, not only in Bogor but also many other cities in Indonesia. In Sundanese it is called as “peuyeum” (well definitely if you come from English speaking countries, you will face difficulties to spell it) but in Indonesian, it is called Tape or Peuyeum.

It taste a bit “sour” but sweet at the same time. If it’s ripe enough, the fermented cassava is soft but a bit crunchy.

Commonly, people eat it as it is, without additional ingredients, as a snack and usually it is accompanied by a cup of black coffee or sugared tea while chatting with family or friends.

However, now, it has a new look. At “Roti Bakar Eddy” (Eddy’s Toast), it has been combined with western ingredients, cheese and chocolate. I’ve never imagined before to find this type of food is served. A baked fermented cassava, the Tapai is quite common, but not with cheese.

It provides a unique taste and quite enjoyable, well, although I must admit, it’s a bit strange for me. But, I must confess that it is quite an interesting food and something you should taste while you are here.

Especially, if you are a lover of “different” culinary and a night life.

You can come to “Roti Bakar Eddy” restaurant in Pajajaran Street. They will serve you several types of other fermented cassava with various topping as well as many types of baked or grilled bread. The place is quite nice to hang out with your family or your friends.

They are also open over midnight and will still serve you until 02 AM.

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  1. Perfect for late night cravings.


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