Hanging Poinsettia On The Street

Poinsettia is not an original plant of Indonesia. It comes from subtropic continent countries. However, recently, a plant that is called as “Kastuba” in Indonesia gets its popularity due to its attractive red color.

Its popularity in Bogor City can be seen when you walk on the sidewalk around Bogor Palace and Botanical Gardens.

You may find many pots containing poinsettias hanging on the lamp post.

Quite a nice view as its red color of the plant gives more vibrant color to the surrounding which was occupied with dull green or grey.

Kastuba atau Poinsettia gantung di trotoar istana dan kebun raya bogor003

The only worry for me is about the life span of the plant itself. Bogor was no longer having coolness as in the past. In the middle of the day, it is as hot as Jakarta.

Therefore, will Poinsettia live long in the city? I hope they will as it’s really nice to have such ornament on Bogor City’s than not.

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