Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony : We’re Gonna Miss It

We’re gonna miss it. It’s not fixed yet and probably the Bogor government has another solution but if not during the Covid-19 pandemic which is far from over, Bogorians may not see Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony.

Like also other cities in this country, there is also a tradition in Bogor to hold a ceremony in the center of the city to commemorate the spirit of Indonesia’s freedom fighter in 1945-1950 to fight for our freedom.

Usually, the ceremony is conducted in the Sempur square. It is opened by raising Indonesia’s Red and White, the National Flag and followed by the reading of Indonesia Proclamation of Independence that originally was announced by the first Indonesia’s president, Mr Soekarno.

Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony : We're Gonna Miss It
The Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony 2019 in Sempur

Although it is such a formal event but it never fails to gather lots of crowd. Many Bogorians attend.

Invited or not, people come to see the yearly event.

Some of them come because their beloved children have been selected and chosen to be the member of flag raisers. Others gather as they have spare time before joining fun games in their place.

Parents bring their kids and show the disciplined young raiser squad do their job, marching in dashing steps and hope that someday their own can be part of the team.

Also, peddlers and sellers of anything come to seek opportunities to sell whatever they bring.

The flag raising ceremony is more just a ceremony. It’s an open event for everyone to enjoy.

Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony : We're Gonna Miss It

Unfortunately, this year, 2020, it seems, harsh reality for everyone, the ceremony may be cancelled.

Thanks to the Corona Virus, people need to do physical distancing. Every event that gathers crowd must be minimized or cancelled, to curb the virus from spreading.

No lines of gallant soldiers, police, or other government officers can be formed as the result of this. As the result, there won’t be an yearly event that has become a tradition in Bogor.

The members of flag raisers will wait anxiously about the final decision. The cancellation of the event may cause tears drop from their eyes. Their duty is an honor for them and they dream for it. Having this event cancelled can mean they don’t have any chance to fulfil their dream.

Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Kota Bogor Sedang Beraksi
Flag raisers 2019, Sempur
Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Kota Bogor Sedang Beraksi

I am not sure what will happen within next couple days. Will the government continue the tradition? Will they cancel it?

It is quite a difficult situation to judge.

However, we are gonna miss it, I think.

The danger is there, the Covid has not been diminished yet. It’s a pity to lose such precious tradition, a chance to remind everyone about the spirit and to remember all people who sacrificed their lives for Indonesia’s Independence.

But.. by continuing the tradition, it may gives a chance for the danger to cause more damage, especially to our younger people, our future. Yes, we have to keep remembering the loss soul years ago but for sure, it should not cause the loss of them who is our future.

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