This Inscription Was Carved By Foreigner

In Bogor Botanical Gardens, near the main entry gate around 50-100 meters, there is a thing where you may think that you are looking at the remains of Hinduism culture that once ruled Bogor but actually it is not.

The thing that I meant is an inscription located next to Nanhi Bull and Siva God Statue. It lays in front of both statues.

You may think that the inscription came from the same age of the sacred cow and god statue since ancient letters were carved on the surface of the flat stone. Many Bogor Botanical Gardens think the same like you do.

But you are wrong.

The inscription is much younger and it didn’t came from any past Hinduism societies in Indonesia. In fact, the inscription was made by a foreigner, a person coming from Blue Continent, Europe. The letters were carved by a Dutch or a Germany.

The carved stone was created in 19th century, around 10-13 centuries after the Hindu sculptor created the Nandi Bull statue. It was either Dr Friederich, a Dutch botanist, or Georg Reinwardt, the founder of the Gardens who made it.

The sentence formed by the ancient letters don’t also have special meaning like a proverb or a quotation from Hinduism sacred book. The inscription is more like a street sign because it says that “Not far from the spot, there is water”.

This represents the actual condition because only 20-30 meter from the spot where the inscription lays, there is a Gunting Lake/Pond.

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