Jacket and Long Sleeve Shirt, A Must For Indonesian Commuters

Covid-19 pandemic is far from over. The vaccine is not there yet to help cure the disease.

At the same time, economy in all countries needs to be helped as well, otherwise it will make the situation more gruesome as crisis knocking the door.

That’s why, since early June 2020, Indonesian government decided to loosen the grip of PSBB (Movement Control Order) in the country. People have been allowed to work again, of course under some rules to keep preventing the virus from spreading.

Jacket and Long Sleeve Shirt A Must For Indonesian Commuters
Passengers waiting in Cilebut Station

One of the new rule made to anticipate the spread of the disease on public transportation, like commuter train inside the Greater Jakarta (Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang, Depok), sounds unbelievable.

The Ministry of Transportation has issued a rule that all passengers using commuter train in their activity must wear jacket or long sleeve clothes. This new rule is an additional to several “must do” all commuter train users have to follow, such as masker wearing, physical distancing, and body temperature checking.

The regulation has been applied since July 13th.

The reason behind this regulation is reasonable as jacket and long sleeve clothes can add more additional protection to the passengers who many times will be in a condition where physical distancing can’t be done.

Fabrics can perform a shield to prevent train user from having direct contact with others during crowded time and minimize the virus transfer.

Commuters have welcomed the new traveling rule with understanding as many of them are still worried about the safety of themselves on this public transportation.

Many of them voluntarily have taken additional measure, such as wearing face shield and gloves.

Like I do everyday.

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