Looking for Sushi in Bogor? No worry. You Can Find It Easily

Eating raw fishes is never the culture of Sundanese people, nor the custom of Indonesians. It was unimaginable to have dishes made from fishes without baking or grilling them on our table.

Sundanese, like also Indonesians, always prefer to have fished to be either fried or grilled and served with “sambal” (Indonesian chilly).

However, the situation has changed a lot since the change of millenium. With the improvement of economy, more and more people have chances to interacts with overseas people with their cultures. Bit by bit, more people, especially from younger generations are more open to and welcome foreign cultures.

One of the proof of what is said on the above is “sushi” or “sashimi”. The typical Japanese food that is mostly made from raw fishes.

In the era of 1980-1990’s, it is difficult to imagine seeing people sitting in front of those kinds of foods.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find empty seats in several sushi restaurants or kiosks at the weekends. It is always fully occupied.

People seems to have accepted this type of food and make it one of favorite dishes when you want to go outside with family. Even, for youths, they often make a sushi restaurant as one place for hanging out while enjoying the raw fish meal.

Is it real “sushi” and “sashimi”? Yes, it is. Being and employee of a Japan company for more than 11 years and given chances to travel overseas , I experienced to eat “sushi”, “sashimi” and several other types of Japanese food. Therefore, I can say that this typical Japanese food is very very similar to what is served in Japan.

It is not fried or grilled, or even changed to adapt with local taste. No, it is not. Sushi in Bogor is served as sushi in other places.

Especially, one of International Sushi Restaurant has a branch in Botani Square Mall. So, it can be said the authenticity of the sushi in Bogor is the same as the one served overseas.

Sushi Kei Bogor

So, if you are a sushi lover and may have difficulties to try local food, you don’t have to worry. You can just go to your reception desk and ask the receptionist on duty where the nearest sushi restaurants are. Surely, he or she can suggest you some.

Am I sushi lover? Well, not really but having traveled to many countries, then it is safe to say that my tongue can adapt with many type of foods and enjoy them without problem. But, my son, well, I must admit that he may become a sushi lover, someday.

He likes it a lot.

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