Mating Trees : Can trees make you a couple?

You can believe it, or not. It is up to you. However, there is myth about what a couple of trees can make to someone’s love relationship.

It is said if lovers, of course man and woman sit under the tree couple, then their love will be forever. The lovers relationship will come true to the kind of relationship they want to, a marriage.

The trees are known as “Mating Trees” or in Indonesian, they are called as “Pohon Jodoh (Pohon = Treet, Jodoh = Mate).

The tree couples are located inside the famous Bogor Botanical Gardens, one of the most favorite tourism destination in Bogor City.

If you see the trees, probably you may not find any kinds of signs that the trees can cause such a myth to be created. The looks of them are no different from any other trees.

The only special things of them are that they are old, very old actually as their age is predcited to be more than 150 years. Another thing is that both trees stand side by side and their roots are linked each other similar to what lovers usually do, holding hand each other.

People consider them as a spouse, a husband and a wife.

The tree that looks darker with its blackish skin is said to be the husband and the white one as the wife. It’s never known that who was responsible for creating this but many people believe.

The myth spread, not only in Bogor but also reached many visitors’ ears. Therefore, in the past many lover couples are often found sitting under the trees before finally the administrator of the first botanical gardens in South Asia removed the cement chair.

Until now, even though there is no more chair under the trees, it is still quite often to find couples sitting, chatting, under the mating trees.

Pohon Jodoh Kebun Raya Bogor

Nobody is ever certain about what effects sitting under the trees to someone’s love relationship. Is it really effective to make lovers’ dream of living together as husband and wife come true?

Nobody knows, for sure. That’s why it is called as a myth, not a fact as nobody can answer with enough proof.

And, that’s what made these two trees are famous. People, even though they don’t believe about the myth but are encouraged by their curiousity, will still pay a visit to the site just to take a look at trees that may cause dating agency to lose their jobs.

Mitos Pohon Jodoh Kebun Ray Bogor
Sang “Wanita”
Papan Nama Pohon Jodoh Kebun Raya Bogor
Pohon Pria

Both big trees without a myth are just common trees that can be found in South Asia Region.

The husband is a Shore Leprosula tree , or in Indonesia it is called as Meranti Bunga although some said that it is a Canary tree. The wife is a species can be found in Indonesia’s neighbour country, Thailand. It is a kind of Weeping Figs with Latin name Ficus Albipila King.

So, you won’t find anything special from both. What you may see is only two old trees, big and standing galantly reaching to the sky on the same site. If you come without a tour guide, you may not find it interesting because no one will tell you about the mating myth, the essential things to make this site interesting and more attractive.

Anyway, true or not, it is another case. Mating trees myth has attracted people to come and this is good for everybody.

Many who see may not believe what the myth says, but at least the trees will attract them to further stories about how hard 19th century scientist had worked to bring the seeds of trees from many regions in Indonesia and South Asia. How had people from the past poured all of their energy to establish this botanical garden.

That should plant a consciousness about how we should love our environment that next generation can still experience what we enjoy now. To protect our natural resource and wealth.

(If you want to read another myth in Bogor Botanical Garden, please visit The Broken Heart Bridge)

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