My Train – Back To The Past, The Excitement

I never knew why kids were always attracted by trains. I might know it but could not remember exactly the reason of the excitement of seeing trains, in any kinds crawling the rails. Hey, I was also a kid and I should understand what made me feeling excited. Unfortunately, the complexity of thinking adult prohibited me to find it.

I was so lucky the kid in the photo reminded me the reason about the excitement. He rose up from where he sat like he wanted to greet the train, so excited full of spirit. At the same time, I felt my adrenalin also rising anticipating the moment I had been waiting should come very soon.

Yeah, that was the feeling. The excitement. I was quite new in street photography world, the same state of mind with the kid’s mind that was quite new to this world, probably the train was also new thing to him like a photography new to me.

Probably by taking this picture, I was back to the past for a moment, when I was a kid, like the kid on the photo I captured. Excited.

Mari Berbagi

2 thoughts on “My Train – Back To The Past, The Excitement”

  1. A beautiful blast from the past. 🙂


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