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Ngumpet Waterfall : The Peaceful Hidden Cataract That Is Not Hidden

Ngumpet Waterfall, The Hidden CataractCurug Ngumpet, or in English Ngumpet Waterfall is the name of a tourist destination in Bogor Regency. It’s located around 38 kilometers from the center of Bogor City, The Bogor Palace.

Its location is also very close to another waterfall on the foothill of Mount Salak, Cigamea Waterfall. Both are separated by 1 kilometer or around 10 minutes on motorcycle. So, if you want to maximize your schedule, then you should make these two as your destinations.

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The name itself is quite funny because in English, Curug Ngumpet should actually be translate as “Hidden Waterfall”. Curug is a Sundanese word for waterfall or, I prefer to cataract, a small waterfall. Meanwhile, “Ngumpet” means “hidden or hiding”.

It has also another name, Kondang Waterfall/Cataract. Kondang in Indonesian means Famous/Fame.

However for this article, I will keep mentioning it as “Ngumpet Waterfall or Cataract” as the name of the place.

The cataract is not too big and in a smaller size than its coleague. The height is only around 20 meters. There is a little pond under the cataract. The waterfall is surrounded by cliff and trees making the environment very green.

SomeĀ  colors are provided by amethyst trees and flowers giving cheerful tone to the place. A small stream running out from the pond gives a peaceful and nice gurgling water sound.

Compared to Cigamea Waterfall, the Ngumpet Waterfall is more suitable for the ones who want to avoid or hide from the noise. It is much quieter. Probably, because tourists usually are more attracted to the bigger Cigamea.

Small but yet beautiful and relaxing.

You can take a look at some pictures I took during my trip there.

Pemandangan Indah Curug Ngumpet

Curug Ngumpet 2 - Curug Kondang Bogor

Curug Ngumpet 2 - Curug Kondang Bogor
Curug Ngumpet 2 – Curug Kondang
Curug Ngumpet 2- Curug Kondang
Pemandangan di Jalan Menuju Curug Ngumpet

Those are that you can find in Ngumpet Waterfall, a hidden cataract that is not hidden anymore, in West Bogor Regency.

Just spare a day to make a trip here. You may find crowded and jammed road that you must take to reach this place. However, it will be paid off when you find the beauty of Ngumpet Waterfall.


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