Old Fashioned Riders – Refreshing !

Old. Yes, they look old and I believe they want us to see them on that way.

I talked about some old fashioned riders who almost every week gather on Sudirman Street, where Bogor’s Car Free Day is held.

They wear old style fashion, replicating what past Indonesian people wore. They ride, not a modern mountain bike, “onthel” bicycle which was common Indonesian transportation mean. They act like they come from the past.

I am not quite sure the reason behind their appearance in that way. A hobby? Maybe. A noble intention to remind us about who we are and what culture? It can be. I may have to find a way to interview them someday because my eyes can not stop staring at them everytime I come to the weekly event.

Really don’t know why. Perhap, because I never had a bicycle like that as my parents grew me in quite modern way. So, seeing their appearance always gives me excitement.

Probably, that is the reason. I live the life of modern society, not a traditional one. So, seeing something like that always gives me excitement.

Old Fashion Rider

Anyway, the appearance of old fashioned rider community is something you should consider as another attraction of the Rain City, Bogor.

They may not perform anything special, if we follow a modern life standard guidance. However, they provide us with something unique, something different, and something refreshing. Unique.

Probably, if you have time to come to my hometown, you should consider to also attend the weekly Car Free Day event on Sudirman Street. Perhaps, you can also have a chat with them and for sure take “wefie” photos with them. They are kind enough and will be more than willing to do that with you.

I should also take some more pictures when my camera is recovered.

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  1. Makes me wish I can bike. 🙂
    Happy 2017!


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