Papaya Seller On The Street

If you are a fruit lover and would like to try a tropical fruit during your time in my city, perhaps, rather than suggesting you to go to a fruit store, I would encourage you to buy it from a papaya seller.

You may still meet them on the street of Bogor. Well, yes, perhaps, in near future it will get more and more difficult to find them as modern fruit store has made their life more and more difficult, but I believe there will be still some who can survive.

Especially, because there are still papaya farming in Bogor suburb. Some families still cultivate papaya tree in their narrow backyard. So, papaya supply will still be there.

Papaya Seller On The Street 2

The papayas sold by the peddler are usually originated from local cultivation, not like the one you will find in fruit store.

That’s also why I suggest you to try papayas from this peddler. It will give you original local taste and at the same time, you will help a traditional profesion survive in this growing city.

9The pictures were taken by myself on Soleh Iskandar road)

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