The Pretty Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka or the Nangka Waterfall is a small cataract in the foothill of Mount Salak or the Silver Mountain. Its name in English means The Jackfruit Waterfall (Curug = Waterfall/Cataract/Linn ; Nangka = Jackfruit)

Nangka WaterfallVisiting waterfalls in Bogor has been a favorite activities of visitors coming to the Rain City, Bogor. Being among three mountains, Bogor is inherited with quite many linns, especially in the suburb area. The Nangka Waterfall is just one of them.

It is located around 20 kilometers from the center of the City, The Bogor Palace. It takes around one hour driving or riding. Riding is more recommended considering the traffic jam in Bogor which is considered as one of the worst in Indonesia.

If using a public transportation, the travel time is a bit longer, around 30-40 minutes. It is because the public transportation journey ends around 1 kilometer from the cataract. To reach the Waterfall, visitors must take a walk.

Curug Nangka has been known as an attractive place long time ago. Its fresh air, beautiful landscape, its pine forest and of course the pretty cataract have attracted people to come since 1980’s.

What makes it more interesting, the Nangka Waterfall is not so easy to reach. No, it is quite easy to get to this tourism destination. It is not what I meant. To arrive to the point where the cataract can be seen and enjoyed, visitors must come through quite difficult route.

The reason is because the way have to be used is a river. The river is formed by the water falling from it. The riverside is not flat either. Quite different from other linns in Bogor, the edges of the river of Curug Nangka are cliff with height around 4-5 meters.

It feels like walking along a wet 50 meter tunnel. Visitors must expects to get wet during the travel.

However, all of the efforts will be paid when we find the waterfall. It is small and not so tall but the waterfall is pretty and fabulous. The environment surrounding it also provides fresh feeling to anyone.

You can see what I meant as I took some photograph of the cataracts and also this tourism location.

The Pine Forest

Nangka Cataract

Nangka Cataract

The River

The Tunnel River in Nangka Waterfall

The tunneled River

The Waterfall

The Nangka Waterfall

The Nangka Waterfall

Quite a view, right?

Well, those are what you can find when you visit the Nangka Waterfall. Perhaps, now you already know why this place, a small one is still a favorite place to visit by thousands of people every year.

The entry ticket to the area is not expensive either. I paid a sum of Rp. 27.000.- only to see the prettiness. However, if you are a foreigner, then the fare will be higher because the rule in Indonesia says that foreign visitors must pay different ticket than locals. Please check in the ticket counter for the amount to pay.

So, whenever you come to Bogor, please spare a day to make a visit to this Nangka Waterfall, to see the beautiful nature of the foot of Mount Salak.

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