Red Giant Candle in Good Fortune Temple, Sentul

What is regular size of a candle you have ever seen? 15 centimeters with 1 in diameter? 30? I think in many places, the size is more or less the same. Fifteen cm is the most common size.

Normal, right? Because people designated a candle in a size that match with human palm of hand. With this size, a candle can be held easily with one hand while the other hand can be used to do anything else, like trying to find electric lamp switch

However, what you will see if you visit the Temple of Good Fortune, its Indonesian name is “Bio Dewa Rejeki”, may not match with the original idea of the creator of a candle. In this 400 years old temple, you will find differet type of candle , a giant candle.

Red Giant Candle in Good Fortune Temple

A red giuant candle.

I said “a giant” as its posture is not normal. It has a height of an average height of most Indonesian female, around 1.5 meters. The candles have also big size as to embrace the candle will need both of your hands.

There are several, more than 6 stands in the temple’s main room and few more can be found in otehr chambers.

All are in red, the color of Chinese culture believes to represent good fortune. The pictures of dragon , a legendary animal describing the courage is also drawan on the candles.

Giant Candle in Good Fortune Temple

However, the candle function doesn’t change. They are stil used not only as a decoration of the temple but also to give a light, besides electrical lamp bulb in the temple.

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  1. Ah, good to know. Looks like a sacred place.


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