Say It With Flowers Part #1 – So Colorful!

This article, and several coming writings, won’t be about a scientist explaining in detailed scientific terms about flowers. This will be just showing you flower, flower, and again flower.

Look, it seems I must admit that I am a flower maniac, also a capture button pusher. I can not stop my index finger from pushing the button so often everytime there is a flower in my sight.

Say It With Flowers
Moth Orchid

Probably, a bee or butterfly gene is in my blood that makes me unable to resist the attraction of the beauty of flowers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a wild flower found on the street or decorative plants in my neighbour’s garden, I will open my lens cover immediately and take pictures.

Eventually, I found out that I keep more than 300 pictures of flowers. Most of them, I didn’t know their names. That gives me a big headache because as a blogger, I can not write something that I don’t know. If I don’t know what flowers they are, then there will be no articles.

Say It With FlowerFor a moment I feel a lucky man when I remember one Western Quote “Say It With Flowers”. Few second later, I feel damned because it will need a knowledge about the meaning of each flower.

Finally, I came to a decision to post as they are i.e. to make an article just to show the pictures I captured during my time, which is short, as a blogger.

There is only one word I want you to be prepared. It is so “colorful”, you may fall in love like me after seeing this series. I won’t take any responsibilities.

Say It With FlowerOne note, all of these flowers are in Bogor. Some of them were found at my good neighbor’s garden, some on the edge of river or street and some in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Please enjoy and one request from me, let me know if I am a good photographer or not after seeing the whole series. Or, just tell me if it’s normal to be fond of those pretty and colorful creatures.

Don’t ask me about the name. I am not a scientist. Just take a look and enjoy. 😀

Say It With Flower - Orchid
Orchid – I don’t know its name
Say It With Flower - Hibiscus
Red Hibiscus

Say It With Flower

Say It With Flowers

Say It With Flower

Say It With Flower
Ixora Javanica
Say It With Flower

That’s the first 10 and the end of the part one. So colorful, am I right? As you can see, I can not mention the names of some of the flowers, so feel free to let me know the names of each flower.

I would be grateful if you do that.

Mari Berbagi

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