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Should I continue The English Edition?

Should I continue the English Edition of this blog? It’s been haunting me for few months. As a result, I have stopped for almost 3 months to publish articles in this language.

Lack of readers, I supposed, is the reason. I felt it’s like doing something without gain.

Until, few days ago, I noticed the appearance one of my fellow blogger, a lady blogger from Philipine. I never met her face to face. Just some occasional visits to her blog, an interesting blog but on different topics.  A nice blog. She talks about love and life. Please pay a visit to About Life and Love, you will enjoy it.

Suddenly, I had an idea pop up in my mind. She cant not speak Indonesia and writes her blog in English. She should be able to give me an insight about the future of my English Edition. Immediately I sent her an email asking for her opinion and advice.

Do you know? The reply received this morning was so simple but it shot right to the heart of mine.

Her short mail reminds me immediately about why I make this blog. The original idea when I started my first writing about this city.

I would like to let people know about this Rain city. I do not care if they are coming from Indonesia or overseas. I would like to tell people about the beauty, the bad of my city, Bogor, that I love, may be,  too much.

Therefore, it has been decided since now, the English Edition of Lovely Bogor will continue.

Thank you friend, thank you Lux.

This flower is to show how much I appreciate your advice. It is not Lotus, the flower you like. This is an orchid, a moth orchid. Probably, it will be the first writing in English I will make after receiving your mail

Mari Berbagi

7 thoughts on “Should I continue The English Edition?”

  1. Please do.
    It is very useful and interesting.

  2. Yes, you should, Sir. As we know Englilsh is an international languange. We hope many tourists come here and enjoy Bogor.

    • I will do… Just need some time to find a good direction to attract foreign readers.

      Thanks for coming

  3. Sorry it took me a long time to visit again. But thanks so much for including me on this post.

    It was my pleasure to offer my two cents to a fellow blogger especially since I see how passionate you are with writing and Bogor. 🙂

    Thanks for the flower. I appreciate it.


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