Spot For Taking Photo : Tree Without Leaves in Bogor Botanical Garden

A tree should always have leaves, otherwise it won’t be able to do photosynthesis and obtain “food” for itself. A tree without leaves often indicates it is not healthy and near to the end of its life circle.

Well, at least what I thought and learned in elementary school.

However, I really don’t think that Bogor Botanical Garden visitors give a slight thought about whether the tree with no leaves near Astrid Park is dead or still alive. What they may think, probably, only it is unique.

I don’t think they are wrong in this case.

In a botanical garden where trees usually have thick leaves, one tree in the field stands differently. The tree, I really don’t know whose species is not known, is really bald. There is not even a leave on its twigs. None. Zero. Nada.

That’s what make it’s considered unique by many visitors of the Great Garden.

tree without leaves in bogor botanical garden

It makes common sense that the spot, where the “tree without leaves” exists becomes one of one favorite spot for capturing picture or doing selfie in Bogor Botanical Garden.

Please just take a look at photos inside this article (3 photos) showing how bald the tree is.

tree without leaves in bogor botanical garden 2

Perhaps, if you have a chance to visit the Garden, then while you are here, please locate this tree. It is simple because the location is very near to the Gate 3 and it will take only 2 or 3 minutes walk from the gate.

Quite unique, isn’t it?

Mari Berbagi

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