Symmetrical Views Under Bogor Outer Ring Road Highway

Some people says that an existence of the highway in a city is an indication of a step to modernity. Perhaps, maybe, it is true as it can be felt. Bogor since few years ago started to develop a highway inside the city, called Bogor Outer Ring Road.

The highway was expected to smoothen the flow of traffic and reduce the traffic congestion. Really not sure, if the idealism behind the setup of the highway has been realized, as it seems the traffic is still crowded almost at every corner.

However, it does give me a benefit as I found the structure is quite symmetrical and nice to be seen.

Here is the look.

Pemandangan di Kolong Toll Bogor Outer Ring Road Seksi IIB C

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures from the top part. It should be amazing but I don’t want to cause an accident by capturing photos while driving.

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