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The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall #4 – The Last!

This is the last chapter of The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall Series.

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I took many pictures during my visit to the falls as I was quite amazed with the beautiful environment surrounding. It has been quite difficult to see such greenness.

Bogor is like a younger brother to Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. Almost,all corners of the city have been occupied with concrete building.

To see such thick trees combined with the views of Salak Mountain gave such a thrill to me.

Therefore, I wann share with you what I saw. Perhaps, it is not phenomenal and spectacular but please tell me honestly about your opinion at the end.

All photos were taken by Fuji Finepix HS 35EXR without any editting or even cropping. I present to you as they are.

The Beauty of Cigamea Waterfall Bogor
The Path To The Waterfall

It took quite some time to reach the location. The almost one kilometer up and down path required some energy as well.

The Beauty of Cigamea Waterfall Bogor
A Hut

A Hut that can be rented for visitors that want to stay a bit longer near the waterfall.

The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall
The Stream

The stream created by the waterfall. You are allowed to soak yourself.

The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall
Wild Flowers

A bit yellow, red, pink, purple among green environment.

The lasts :

The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall Bogor
From A Distance
The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterwall
The Waterfall and Salak Moutain

What do you think?

Anyway, whatever you will say, at least I enjoyed it a lot. I do hope you enjoy them too.

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