The Big Pond or Gede Lake : the Biggest Water Reservoir Becomes Tourism Destination in Bogor City

Gede Lake or Situ Gede - The Biggest Pond in Bogor City (2)

I am not sure how to call Situ Gede. Situ means lake or can also be interpreted as big pond or water reservoir. Gede in Indonesian means Big. So, perhaps, I should call it Big Pond or Big Lake or maybe better keep the name as Situ Gede? Well, I will leave it to you to decide.

The lake, although only has around 5-6 hectares area, is the biggest one in Bogor City (of course, as the Rain City has only two or three small water reservoirs.

I once wrote about this lake before, but after visiting the place once more this year, I believe it should be wise to write another story. The Big Pond has changed.

Before, its function was more as just water reservoir with a bit activity of tourism. However, recent renovation on the area has made it more like a new destination for tourism.

The surrounding area has been reorganized. Few ornaments, that people usually find on tourism area have been built. One coffee shop named Koloni now sits on west side of the lake and allow their visitors to enjoy the green view of the lake and nearby CIFOR forest.

You can see some views captured by my smartphone during the visit to the lake.

I believe, even it’s not actually too big but it now has cleaner, greener, and refreshing views. Am I right?

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