The Dragon Dance In Bogor Lantern Festival (CGM Bogor Street Festival)

The dragon dance is one symbol of Chinese culture which is usually performed during the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year. It is believed to bring luck.

Being a multicultural society, Bogorians since 2008 has been accustomed with the appearance of such beautiful tradition. Every year, various of dragon walk along the Suryakencana Street, the Bogorian Chinatown, and show their colorful dan agility to the crowd impatience to see the attraction.

It is because, every year, the city will hold the Bogor Cap Go Meh Street Festival on the 15th day of Chinese Calendar, the closure of the new year celebration in Chinese culture. The date in Gregorian calendar will vary.

The dance is performed by various groups of local dancer and what makes it more enjoyfull, the groups consist of not only Chinese people but from many other ethnics.

The dragon dance is one of a must see attraction when you come to Bogor during February or March.

Here is the look of the dragon that I shot with my camera.

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