The Entrance Fee of Bogor Botanical Gardens For Foreigner

Bogor Botanical Gardens is a must visit place for everyone when they come to Bogor City. Not only because it is famous but because the Great Gardens consists of lots of interesting things, such as the history of the city or 15,000 species of plants.

Even for foreigners, this place should be put at the top list of places they must pay a visit. It’s located in the center of the city and should be easy to reached from any direction as long as people stay in Bogor City.

The entrance fee of Bogor Botanical Garden is also so cheap. It’s much less than many other tourist destinations in Bogor. It costs only small amount of money .

To get permission to enter the Gardens, a foreign tourist must pay only Rp. 26,000 or equal to US$ 1.75/person. It is cheaper than a bowl of “bakso” and less than a half of Singapore Botanical Gardens who was established by the same person, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

So, you shouldn’t skip this place whenever you are in Bogor.

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