The Luhur Waterfall – The Beauty Of Nature

The above picture was taken few months ago in one of famous tourism destination in Bogor called as “Luhur Waterfall”. In Indonesian, the pace is called as Curug Luhur (Curug = waterfall, Luhur = Tall/High).

The waterfall is a small one with 62 M height and the width from where water drops is around 2 meters only. S, do not imagine it is like Niagara Falls.

The small waterfall is only one among many small waterfalls inherited by Bogor for being locted among three mountains, such as Gede Mountain, Pangrango Mountain and Salak Mountain (Please see Mount Salak – The Silver Mountain)

Luhur Waterfall BogorAlthough, Luhur Waterfall is not as big and famous as Niagara, it is enjoyful.

The area surrounding the waterfall has been made into a water park imitating the trend in Bogor.

There are pools in several size for tourists who want to experience of swimming in cold water.

Yes, it is cold water because its source comes from the Salak mountain.

So during enjoying swimming or sliding to the pool, visitors can also see green of trees and water falling from the height.

Please just take a look at some other pictures to get the full idea about this place.

Don’t worry I am just a blogger not a travel agent. I won’t push you to go here to make sales.

Luhur Waterfall Bogor

Luhur Waterfall Bogor
The pools

Luhur Waterfall Bogor

The facility on the site is modest, very. There is no hotel or hostel. So whenever you want to go here, you should consider also the transportation to go back to Bogor.

It is one problem because the distance between this place to the city center (Bogor Botanocal Gardens) is around 22 kilometers. The regular transportation is available but only upto 3/4 way. The best way to reach Luhur Waterfall Park is by renting a car.

There has been quite news about un-professional behavior of the administrator. However, I did not find it when I went there.

I don’t encourage you to go or not. I am just telling a place that is quite a beauty for me.

This place may suit you or may not. It will be up to you. However, seeing the waterfall, even though it has been interfered with capitalism, still gives a nice feeling to me.

Perhaps, it may still give you also the same feeling.

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