To Give Or Not To Give – Beggars On Street

To give or not to give is a daily question Bogorians face everyday in regards of beggars on street.

Our religions, Islam, Christian, Buddha always teach us to share a small piece our fortune with the unfortunates. Giving to poor people, like beggars is promised to be rewarded with heaven or more fortune. In school, children are taught to empathy with others who are in poverty.

However, as a member of a society, we are also asked to follow what rules said. Surely, it is known and required to guarantee the order in the society. Breaking a rule of law can result on disorderliness.

The rule in Bogor says that it’s prohibited to give to beggars on street. There are also sanctions as well we punishment and penalty for doing this.

So, the question, which is exist in Bogorians’ daily life is whether to follow what has been learned in school and encouraged by their religions or to follow the rule.

Some decides to obey what their religions teach but some others have taken a step not to give.

I am one of the latter. It is not because I am too stingy or don’t want to follow what my religion says. I am just too conscious that there is a bigger aim that needs sacrifice.

The orderliness of the society.

By having order in the society means that the city will become more clean, solicitous and convenient for living. Not only for me but also for the beggars themselves. Besides, with so many poor people in poverty, there are many ways to share with other in need people without having to break a rule of law and disturb the society.

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6 thoughts on “To Give Or Not To Give – Beggars On Street”

  1. according to the Indonesian positive law,, begging is a violation.. so when we give some money for beggers, at the same time, realize it or not, we have against Indonesian criminal rules.. but, giving money for bloggers is not a felony, so many people still give it to them.

    • Yes. You are absolutely right.

      Anyway we are, bloggers are not beggars and we do not expect to beg money from anyone else. But.. if they want to give us money, there is no rule that prohibits. 😀 😀 😀

  2. I give to charity organizations I know and trust whom are in the mission of getting them out of the street. I think as long as someone gives to them on the street, they will not go away. It’s hazardous for them so it’s better if they’re out of it.


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