Traditional Children Toys Collection [Bogor Ethnobotany Museum]

If you ever wants to see how children, in Bogor and many other places in Indonesia, played, perhaps Ethnobotany Museum in Juanda Street could provide you a piece of it.

This Bogor cultural heritage set up almost a century back has one collection that display traditional children toys usually used by Indonesian kids.

You may not see these toys nowadays. Although Bogor is not completely a modern city as many parts of our living here are still traditional, children prefer to play with smartphone or computer. They no longer use those kind of toys.

traditional children's toy - bogor ethnobotany museum 2There are kites, piggyback, congklak and few other things. All of them were made usually from materials found in surrounding environment like piggyback that was made from banana stem, or kites that were created from bamboo, slingshot from branch.

Not so many but the collection represents one way of living of childhood in the past. If you like to learn history or culture, this collection can give you a bit description about one past way of living in Bogor and Indonesia.

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  1. I do love going to museums and learning new things. 🙂

  2. Koleksi mainan anak yg mengingatkan pd masa kecil…. ????


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