Travel by Commuter Line Train

If you are a first timer to use commuter train service in Indonesia, this writing will help you to explain how to travel by Commuter Line Train Service.

The reason for this writing is simply because this transportation mean is the most efficient and cheapest one to reach the rain city, Bogor.

The number of tourists that use this train service seems increasing than before.

Unfortunately, the guidance how to travel by Commuter Line train is still limited. If there is any, usually it is written in Indonesian.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner coming to Indonesia for either holiday or business trip, this writing can provide you with a guidance how to use the commuter train service in Indonesia.

This writing will try to explain step by step about how to travel by Commuter Line service for all routes.

How to travel by Commuter Line

1) Locate the nearest Commuter Line station

This is the first thing that you must do. You can ask your hotel staff to guide you to the nearest train station.

If you stay in Central Jakarta hotels, it won’t be too far.

2) Go to ticket counters

Travel by Commuter Line TrainGo to the ticket counter. The look of a ticket counter is almost the same in all stations.

There is still no automatic ticketing machine. Therefore a ticket can only be obtained by a manual transaction at the counter.

3) The ticket

You must be careful in buying a ticket. First thing first, please make sure about your destination. If you want to go to Bogor (or any other destination), please mention it clearly to a cashier.

The reason is because the station mentioned will become the farthest station you can reach. It is not allowed to go beyond that station.

If you are not sure how much you should pay, please just ask the cashier in front of you.

Travel by Commuter Line
Commuter Line Ticket

The fare is Rp. 2,500.-/person for the first 25 Km and the charge for each next 10 kilometer is Rp. 1,000.-. Unfortunately even, it is difficult for me to calculate by myself.

There is always a list of fare attached to an announcement board near each counter. You can see the charge for your trip there. However, please make it easy by asking the fare at your counter.

Please do not be surprised when the cashier asks you Rp. 10,000.-/person more than the written fare for a ticket. For example, the maximum fare is Rp. 11,000.-/person but you will be asked to pay Rp. 21,000.-/person.

This is because the 10,000.- rupiah is the bail money. This will be refunded at your destination station.

The ticket is made from plastic like this picture.

travel by commuter line
Tap in sign on entry gate

4) Go to the gate

Go to the nearest entry gate.

Tap in the ticket on your hand onto the gate. There is a place where your ticket must be mounted that the gate can read it.

After the green light illuminates, push the bar in front of you.

Now you have entered the station.

5) Waiting for a train

You can wait for a train to come. There is some seats available inside a station. The train interval is between 10-15 minutes.

Please pay attention to information from an announcer. It contains information about which train will come next and on which platform.

Also please make sure you stand behind the yellow line while you are waiting for a train to come.

6) Enter a train

travel by commuter line train
Inside Commuter Line

Once the train arrives, please allow disembark passengers first to get off the train. After they are gone , you can enter the train.

If you are women, you can go to the first and last wagon. These two are specialized for women.

The carriages are air conditioned and on each corner , there are seats for disable person, pregnant woman, a woman with children.

If you need the seats, please ask to a person who sits there. Tell them that you need it.

7) the trip

It depends on your destination. The average time of a trip is between 5 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

For example, from Jakarta Kota Station to Bogor takes around 1 hour 40 minutes.

So enjoy your trip. Please still pay attention to an announcement made by a train staff. They will mention the name of station where the train is soon to arrive.

Suggestion : do not make a trip during peak hours because it is so crowded.

8) Arrival and disembark

travel by commuter line train
The view of Gondangdia Train Station Jakarta

Near your destination, please collect your belongings and make sure nothing is left behind.

Please wait until the train fully stops and the door is opened.

Be careful when you get off to a platform because in some stations, there is a gap between a train door and a platform.

Take your time because the train will not leave until there is a sign from the station.

9) Exiting station

Go to the exit gate. Tap in your ticket , the same way you enter a station.

Dome ! You are out of the station.

Hold on ! Your trip is not finished yet. Please do the last step !

10) Taking a refund

Go to a ticket counter. Usually for a refund counter, there is a sign “Refund”.

Please go to the counter and pass your ticket to the cashier. You will get your money back.

Then, your travel by commuter line train is finished here.

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