When Will The Oil Price Hike (Again) ?

I have a very selfish hope or pray that someday, the oil price raises again. It doesn’t matter if Middle East Countries apply again oil embargo like they did in 1970’s or the oil resources have been dried up.

Stupid and selfish. I admit.

But, I see a positive side, of course from my point of view. It will mean fuel or gasoline price will also be increased in Bogor. Then, everybody will curb their spending.

As a result, we may expect people no longer use their own car. Instead, they will, either use bicycles in daily basis, not like current habit to use this two wheeler only on weekends.

Bicycle rider on Juanda Street

Or, people will glance back to the old Becaks

Becak in Bogor

Even, Delman will have their chance to serve once more.

Delman in Bogor

Of course, the life will become uneasier than before. Prices of all definitely will also come to higher level.

However, there are always bright sides. People will not think very lightly about natural resources. They will start to be more selective about when to use their cars or motorcycles, like today.

Eventually, and this is my wish, we will see less crowded streets and roads, everywhere including Bogor.

A crazy thought, isn’t it? But, this may come soon as oil resources in Indonesia are almost used up. It won’t possible to replace the resources in short time.

Well, since it may still take tens of years, for time being, I must enjoy the “nice” traffic of Bogor.

Traffic Jam in Bogor

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