THE NINE GATES – The New Landmark That Symbolize How You Should Live Bogor

I should have written this article almost a year ago because this is related to the landmark of Bogor City inaugurated around January. Unfortunately, I was too lazy and losing a bit of my appetite in English writings.

The object of the writing is about the new icon of the Rain City that has attracted vast attention, not only from Bogorians but also many other people. It’s called the NINE GATES.

Everybody who enters the city from Jakarta , uses Jagorawi Highway, and come out on Baranangsiang exit ramp, will see these gates if they turn right. It’s right in front of the Kujang Monument and near the gate 4 of Bogor Botanical Gardens.

The appearance of the NINE GATES is easy to be spotted. If you see 10 pillars forming 9 gates with two rotundas on each side, then you have seen what is called as the NINE GATES.

The Nine Gates - Terrace That Symbolizes How You Should Live In Bogor a

If you think that the style of the new Bogor’s landmark gets a touch of Roman architecture, you are not wrong but also not 100% correct. Indonesia were never conquered by Roman Empire, they never reached the archipelagos.

However, since Indonesia were occupied by Dutch, for around 3.5 centuries, then the Roman architectural style has been transferred to us. As you know Romans ruled the Blue continent, Europe in the past and for sure Dutch absorbed some style of building from the Empire.

The Nine Gates - Terrace That Symbolizes How You Should Live In Bogor c

What is the meaning of the Gates?

It is easy to understand but you should be a bit imaginative.

Bogor is always related to Sundanese culture and it comes from the fact that once, the city was the capital of Sundanese Kingdom, Galuh Pakuan. Therefore, it is no wonder that until now, the majority of ethnics who live in the city is Sundanese. Bogor can be said as the “house” of Sundanese people.

In Sundanese culture, every house has a terrace, a space where they welcome guests for the first time before the guests are invited to enter their house.

Just imagine Bogor as the big house, then just see the NINE GATES as the terrace. That’s why the set up stands in the middle of the city and near the main access to enter the city, Jagorawi Highway (the first highway in Indonesia).

That’s the meaning.

The Nine Gates - the new landmark of bogor city

The gates are not only pillars made from concrete but they also symbolize many philosophies that Sundanese people believe . For many centuries, Sundanese have used them in their life.

The gates represents nine ways of life people in Bogor must follow, i.e.

  1. Peace
  2. Friendship
  3. Unity
  4. Beauty
  5. Politeness
  6. Order
  7. Comfort
  8. Friendliness/Hospitality
  9. Salvation

This means, Bogorians, us, people who lives in the city will welcome everybody who come to Bogor with open hand and frindliness. However, we also expect that all visitors will also follow our ways of living during their stay in the city.

That is what The Nine Gates mean.


The landmark has immediately become one of the most favorite spot for selfie or capturing photos. Not only tourists, visitors but also for the citizens of the city. They look gorgeous and pretty to be used as a background of any photos.

The gates are also connected to the new pavement setup that circles the Bogor Botanical Gardens and Bogor Palace and intended  as public area.

One spot that visitors or tourists should not miss. So, I will strongly suggest if you ever have a chance to come to my city, please spare some time to come and see the Gates. From this, you need just to walk for few minutes to enter the famous Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Just one tip if you have this plan, it’s better to come early in the morning because the older the day, the place will be a bit crowded and it won’t be easy to take any picture.

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