[PHOTO] A Street Portraitist on Juanda Street Still Exist

[PHOTO] Street Portraitist on Juanda Street Still Exists

In the digital era, like nowadays, it’s predicted by many that plenty of old profession, such as painter, will extinct. AI will provide more accurate and taking less time to produce a painting. So, it is normal if it will replace human painter in doing such job.

However, in Bogor, especially near the Gate II of Bogor Botanical Garden, there is an evidence that it’s still a long way before it can kill old profession. You may still find a street portraitist sitting on the pavement and offering his service.

People who often uses his service is mainly tourists coming to visit Bogor Botanical Gardens.

The picture was taken in December 2022 near Zebaoth Church and Gate of of Bogor Botanical Garden

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