Culinary City – Eat Til You Drop in Bogor

Culinary City
Eat til you drop ! Probably Bogor government should consider to adopt this motto for this city. It describes perfectly about how people have seen this city since the last few years, the culinary city.

It used to be Bogor Botanical Gardens as one of the main attraction of the visitors . These days, it seems it has been dethroned by the fact that people come to Bogor often just to enjoy its vast variety of cuisines. Yeah, visitors now come more for food , to become food traveler.

Well, they can not be blamed to change the motive. Bogor, the rain city itself is the culprit of the change. It is not only because of the transformation from traditional to more modern city, or its goal to be the city of trade, but most of all, because the culinary world in the city has flourished so fast and so much.

It is like a question ” what comes first, an egg or a chicken”. Is it the numbers of tourists come to Bogor ignites the pool of creative idea of people to find new food inventions ? or is it the vast variety of cuisine types in Bogor that attract people to come?

Culinary City
Italian cuisine in Bogor

I don’t know the answer . However there is a fact, I am certain about this, that if we want to taste all types of food in Bogor, even one week will never be enough.

This is just to show how large the assortments of food offered in Bogor.

The range starts from a very traditional cuisine such as Laksa, Doclang, Toge Goreng. It ends to the up-to-date food, like an Italian Carbonara. Between these two types, there is a very long list of names.

If there a culinary directory of Bogor culinary, it must be a very thick one. It will also need to be updated almost daily ( I exaggerate a bit, or much) . New comers with new creations , new tastes must be added almost very month. New sellers establishing their premises can be expected at the same pace.

That’s why now in Bogor, it is so easy to enjoy any kind of food, day or night. Almost every corner at the city is occupied by people offering food from any categories.

Culinary City
Modern Cuisine in Bogor

That’s why a motto of “Eat til you drop” must seriously be considered. It represents the actual situation occuring in the city. The motto is so catchy as well and can fish more tourists. It sounds and reflects better than the old motto that Bogor is a quite , beautiful and pleasant place.

Or better not, with more than three millions visitors coming to Bogor every year, Bogor has become the number one in Indonesia most jammed city. If the motto ignites more curiosity of people, more people will come. That means the rain city will surely retain its first ranking.

After having a thought, well, why not? We can not avoid the transformation of the city to become modern city. It is inevitable. So, at least with the growth in business sector, it will give more working field for the citizens. The more job vacancies available means the less unemployment in the city. Eventually the more prosperous the city will be.

So, let’s eat til you drop in Bogor.



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  1. Trying out the food in a place is like the highlight of any travel. I would like to experience the culture and dishes in your place.

    • You are welcome Lux. It will be an honour for me to be your guide when you are here.

      I will be waiting for you


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