Electric Bicycle (E-Bike) for Rent in Bogor City

Electric Bicycle - E-Bike for Rent in Bogor 2

Electric bicycle or e-bike is a new comer in the world of transportation means in Bogor, the city where the road is always crowded everyday. It has started to gain popularity in the city and you may find more and more people riding e-bike in housing complexes.

It may not be the answer to replace other kinds of transportation as laws in Indonesia still prohibits the usage of electric bike on the road. It must be used in limited area, such as housing complexes or tourism destination, or on the pavement.

However, its low price and low operating cost has attracted Bogorians to buy.

Besides for personal use, electric bike is also available for rent. There are already few spots where public can lend e-bike and use it to make a short trip. Mostly, the e-bike rentals are in the center of the city and near the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

It’s an app based e-bike. People who wants to use the bike must download an application and e-wallet. After installing the apps and if the e-wallet has enough fund, they can scan the barcode to unlock and use the bike.

The trip is limited to 15 minutes per trip and the fare will be deducted from your e-wallet.

At this moment, only one provider runs this service, which is Beam Mobility.

The electric bicycle rent has been quite popular among tourists as it allows them to enjoy the the surrounding area in the center of Bogor without being too tired.

You may also consider to use this service if you come to Bogor as it’s easy to use and will save your energy for another activities.

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