When and Where Costume Festival in Bogor?

When and Where to See Costume Festival in Bogor 2
CGM Bogor Street Festival 2023

Bogor is a city full of tourist destinations located not too far away from Indonesia’s current capital, Jakarta. From street foods up to mountain views are available that can be chosen by tourists. That’s one of the reasons the city is crowded every weekend when people need to do refreshing activities.

It may also be the reason for you to visit the city, which is understandable. However, if you have a plan to visit Bogor, there is one suggestion. Please schedule your visit between End of January and Mid February.

This is because of Cap Go Meh or, formally known, CGM Bogor Street Festival. The event is held every year (except during the Covid-19 pandemic).

The event is actually the tradition of Chinese people which is celebrated on the 15th day after their New Year (Lunar New Year). During the day, they will come to a temple and pray. The day is also the closure of the Chinese New Year tradition.

In Bogor, the celebration is adopted and become and event for everyone, not only for Chinese. The form used is a street festival and costume festival. One street becomes a long stage and the performers brings the creativity in the shape of costume, besides dance or sing.

One street that will become the stage is Suryakencana street. The choice is based to the fact that until today, the area is known as Bogor Chinatown.

Participants in many attractive and colorful costumes will walk down the 2 kilometers street. They will treat the street as the stage for sing, dance, or any other performance.

What they show is not only sing or dance related to Chinese culture and tradition, although many participants will do that. What can be seen during the event vary a lot.

You can see performers wearing costume from Papua or other culture in Indonesia. Sometimes, overseas performers are invited like in 2017-2029 when a Taiwanese contingent joined the event.

It is not as big as Carnval Rio de Janeiro in Brazil but it’s a costume festival without a dount.

I believe it may add more color to your visit in Bogor that you can talk not only about food or beautiful landscape but also about one tradition of the city.

The below picture, I believe should give you better description about what you are gonna see in the event (taken from various years)

When will CGM Bogor Street Festival be held?

No fix date as it depends on Lunar Calendar which is different from Gregorian calendar (based on the Sun). It will be around End January or Mid February.

If you have a Chinese calendar, then it’s the 15th of the first month.

Where will CGM Bogor Street Festival held?

In Suryakencana street. It’s easy to find because it’s in front of the Main Gate of Bogor Botanical Garden.

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