The Sempur Bridge – Almost 100 Years Old

The above picture shows one of oldest bridge inside the city of Bogor, the Sempur Bridge.

It spreads across Ciliwung river connecting from West to East and is a part of Jalak Harupat streets.

Until now, there is no record explain the exact year of the bridge establishment. However, having some chats with some elder persons and also a discussion in Bogor Heritage community in Facebook, it is said that the bridge was set up around 1920’s.

This information is in accordance with the record of the expansion of Bogor Botanical Gardens and also the creation of Kedoeng Halang settlements that is now called as Sempur.

Therefore, with this assumption, then it is safe to say that the bridge has almost reached its milestone, a 100 years which is old. Its age has also given the bridge a privilege to be considered as a cultural heritage of Bogor based on Indonesian Regulation.

Jembatan Sempur Bogor

If you stand on the Southern pavement of the bridge, you can take a glance to the Great Gardens, the core of the city. It is quite a nice view like the above photo taken around 2 years ago.

The only worry for us , Bogorians that some bleak prediction have been made by several experts that the bridge was already quite old to be able to serve in this busy city. The volume of vehicles are already too high to be handled by the old body.

Really hope that it is not correct because it will be a pity to lose another heritage from our past.

I really don’t like to just tell stories to my grandchildren about this bridge one day. It would be nicer if I, and many other Bogorians, can take them there and show them one piece of Bogor in the past.

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Hanya seorang warga Bogor yang berniat berbagi tentang kotanya. Meski sudah banyak berubah dan banyak orang mengatakan sudah tidak indah lagi, bagi saya, Bogor tetap saja Lovely , Indah.

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