Situ Gede : The Small Big Pond

Situ Gede is the name. Situ is a Sundanese/ Indonesian word for “pond” or “lake”. Gede means “big” or “great”.

So, Situ Gede means a big pond or great lake.

However, in reality, the place is closer to just a pond considering its size which is not so big that it deserves to be called lake.

This is one place at western side og Bogor City that is often visited by locals and also people from outside Bogor. The distance , counted from the center of the city is only 8 kilometers only.

It is actually just a water reservoir made tens of years ago to irrigate surrounding rice fields.

the great pond

However, nowadays, the pond has been known more as one of tourism destination in Bogor City. People come here to play or just to relax.

Especially, because the surrounding area is quite green for the pond’s location is surrounded by trees.

The big pond

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