Nusa Indah Guest House – The Previous Melchior Treub’s House

Wisma Nusa Indah or in English Nusa Indah Guest House can be found inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens. It is located on the West wing of the Great Garden, not too far from the main gate. You need only to walk around 200-300 meter to find the 18th century European style building.

It’s now painted in white with the brown roof.

If you wish, you can stay in the house but for sure you need to contact the Gardens administrator about this. However, everybody can rent it as now its function is as a guest house.

The house can be considered as a heritage, especially because it was related closely with the history of the Gardens. In this house, one of important person of the Great Gardens developent stayed for almost 30 years.

Kebun Raya Bogor
Wisma Tamu Nusa Indah

It was the place where Melchior Treub, the director of Lands Plantetuin, the predecessor of the Bogor Botanical Gardens lived. The Frenhc botanist was the chief of the Gardens between 1880-1909.

During his service, he made a lot of improvement and collected more specimens of plants or animals from all around Indonesia. He took an important role that made the Gardens to be like we know today.

Usually, he worked not too far from this house, in a laboratory next door. The laboratory itself is now known as Treub’s Laboratory and still functions until now.

Wisma Tamu Nusa Indah
Treub Laboratorium di sebelah Wisma Nusa Indah
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