Public Drinking Water Tap Now Available in Bogor City

It is not a new invention in the world . In many countries, especially developed ones, public drinking water taps are very common.

However, in Indonesia, this type of thing was quite a new thing.

Indonesians are not accustomed to drink directly from a tap.Thanks to a mindset that water comes out from a tap is suitable for bathing or washing only. Or, if you want to drink it, then it must be boiled and cooked.

However, it seems the pattern will change soon.

Kran Air Siap Minum Di Lapangan Sempur Bisa Hilang Haus Dan Lebih Ramah Lingkungan

The appearance of several water taps in public areas can be seen in Bogor.

It attracts attention from many people and many tried to drink directly. Others were still too shy (pr too afraid) to try.

It will take a while, or a decade to make the society accustomed with new habits. But, definitely, it is a good change as it may encourage people in our city to buy less plastic bottled water or drink.

I hope it will work.

Mari Berbagi

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