Snacks On Bogor Streets – Wanna Try?

Those pictures are the small numbers of what visitors may see when they walk down Bogor streets.

They are street vendors, even though their presences have created problems the city, but it has to be admitted that they attract people at some degree.

Their presence on Bogor streets contributes to attach the label of culinary city to this town. Also, the money spent by tourists, domestic or overseas, has helped the growth of economy of the city.

Let me show you some street vendors you may find if you come to this city

Snack Street Vendors in Bogor
Peanuts Seller

Do you need snacks while walking around Bogor? Just prepare small money to grab them. You can choose between Bogor Peanut and Regular Peanuts. Both are boiled.

Foods On Street
Grilled Sticky Rice Seller

A bit taste of Bogor traditional food won’t hurt you. This grilled sticky rice cake is savory but a bit spicy.

Bogor Street Vendor
Sagu Rangi Seller

A cake made from sago flour, called as Sagu Rangi in Bogor, and pieces of coconuts may provide you with a unique experience.

Bogor Street Vendor

Do you want a bit heavy food? Not too heavy but not too light? You can ask them for those kind of food as usually they sell several types. I forgot to ask them what they sold.

Porridge Street Vendor

Porridge Street Vendor

Forgot to take your breakfast at your hotel? Do not worry, you can take a bowl of porridge almost everywhere in Bogor.

Bread Peddler in Bogor
Bread Peddler

Or just call this bread peddler and buy a loaf of sweet bread.

I won’t provide you with a complete list of Bogor food street vendors or peddlers. It is too much as you can see them at almost every corner of the cities.

I prefer if you come here , find them and taste by yourselves.

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