Texting While Riding or Driving ? A Lot in Bogor

Texting While Riding in Bogor

Be patient, my friends. Be patient. Please don’t lose your temper if you ride on any streets in my hometown, Bogor City. You definitely need it a lot. It’s not only because the city traffic is definitely bad, (Waze said it was the second most annoying traffic in the world) but also because many people have a very bad habit.

Texting while riding or driving.

Yes, it is one of dangerous habit but quite common actions done by Bogorians. The above picture is just one of the examples and honestly I took quite a lot similar pictures but prefer not to upload as they will just use up this website storage capacity.

So, if you ever have a chance to ride or drive on our streets, and then you see very slow motorbike or cars and, and/or running zig-zag-ly, then please be cautious. It is most likely, they are typing something on the smartphone and not in full concentration on the street condition. Please be careful.

Just be patient and try to seek a chance to overtake them. Unfortunately, you may have to repeat the action quite many times in Bogor City.

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