The Green Views Of Canary Avenue Bogor Botanical Gardens

Canary Avenue is the name of a street in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

The name is assigned to this street referring to, once, a nickname attached to Bogor. In the past, Bogor is often called as a canary City as the tree could be found everywhere around the city.

This avenue has become a favorite for many visitors when they visit Bogor Botanical Gardens. It is not because there are many attractive things. In fact, there is only one thing that people can see along the street.


Yes, the greenness of the Canary Avenue has been known widely and it is considered as one most beautiful spot in the Gardens.

I will take you to the avenue online. Please just take a look to what my Fuji Finepix HS 35EXR captured.

The Canary Avenue

The Canary Avenue

The Canary Avenue

Even though the name uses a name of one species of tree, actually the trees on the side of the avenue come from many types.

The same thing from all trees is that they are old.

Refreshing, the greenness of Canary Avenue is so refreshing for eyes. Don’t you agree with me about this?

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