Adorable Views of Gunting Pond – Bogor Botanical Gardens

Indonesian old men always says “Wake up early before your fortune is eaten by chicken”. That’s quite true that people who get up early in the morning tends to have better chance to get “something” better than lazy people who prefer to stay on their bed.

That’s also the reason of mine to leave my bed early every weekends. I thought there will always be more happiness waiting to be enjoyed. Like spending more time with my lovely wife or seeing some beautiful views in my hometown, Bogor.

Almost every Saturday or Sunday, I spend a bit of my time outside and my favorite place is Bogor Botanical Garden. Mostly, I come even before their operational hours begin, which is 07.30. I already stand in front of the ticket counter around 6 o’clock and usually on the weekend, visitors can enter much early than weekdays.

I do that because I know, as quite famous tourist destination the Gardens will be more crowded when they formally welcome visitors from outside Bogor. It will be difficult for me to get fresher air and also seeing the quietness of the place. Of course, the chance to get some good pictures.

One of the specific place inside the Garden, I like a lot is the Gunting Lake or Ponds, located near the main entry gate. Especially, in the morning, the small pond serve a good dose of stunning yet adorable views of landscape.

Here is the “fortune” gained as a result of waking up early.

[JANGAN DITIRU!] Cara Pengunjung Tak Bertanggungjawab Menyembunyikan Sampah di Kebun Raya Bogor 2

sudut kebun raya bogor ini cocok buat yang suka menyendiri dan selfie
Kolam Gunting Kebun Raya Bogor

5 spot foto terbaik di kebun raya bogor - Kolam Gunting
Istana Bogor dilihat dari Kolam Gunting
Bunga Teratai dan Istana Bogor
Istana Bogor dan Bunga Teratai Merah

Foto Teratai Putih di Danau GuntingAdorable, right? or, Not?

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Hanya seorang warga Bogor yang berniat berbagi tentang kotanya. Meski sudah banyak berubah dan banyak orang mengatakan sudah tidak indah lagi, bagi saya, Bogor tetap saja Lovely , Indah.

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