Enjoy The Fresh Air In Heulang Park, The Falcon park

While you stay in Bogor, either for only a night or longer, you should go out from your hotel and enjoy the city. One of the recommended place to see should be parks.

Every city should have this public area. No city can be considered as complete without it.

In the park, you can find a lot. It is not only free space but also how people interact each other.

Bogor has launched a program to be The City with a million parks. The government has started the development of parks at every corner of the Rain City.

One of them is Heulang Park.

The name itself , Heulang is taken from Sundanese dictionary. It means “Falcon”. However, do not expect to find this predator during your visit to Bogor. It is so seldom to find the bird flying and passing in the city sky.

Anyway, Heulang Park is the latest addition to the directory of the parks in Bogor. It used to be another public area, a football (a soccer not rugby) field. Unfortunately, soccer, as the most favorite sport seems to have lost its popularity. Perhaps, it is because of the achievement of Indonesia’s soccer team is too low.

People now prefers to watch Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona on the TV than to play it. Also, “Futsal”, a mini soccer has gained it’s name inside the society, so Bogorians has changed to play futsal instead of soccer or football.

Heulang Park BogorThat’s probably why, the Heulang field was then reshaped into a park.

I really don’t mind for this change. Indeed.

The park has provided more to our city more than the soccer field.

When it was a soccer field, people didn’t come too often to the site. Only very few a soccer maniac used the field. More often, the field was used as a place for driving lessons. Or the schools surrounding the field utilized it as a ground for sport lesson. Only that.

After the reshape, more Bogorians come and enjoy the park. Mostly, they come every weekend with their family.

What can be found in Heulang Park?

Like every other parks, people can get fresh air, to do exercise, to play with their kids, and to get their breakfast.

Yeah. The latest one is one of the impact by the presence of Heulang Park. Actually, not only a park as it may happen everywhere (how baout in your city/country?).. Whenever there is crowd, then street vendors will follow later to take the part.

Therefore, you can find them using the edge of the park as sales point. Most of them are food vendors.  The chance to make sales for hungry people after doing some exercise or family with kids are an attractive opportunity.

Heulang ParkLuckily, they normally use the park side. The center of the Heulang Park is normally clean from peddlers. The idea behind the making of this park is still achieved.

So, if you visit the Heulang Park, you can enjoy what parks usually offer. Freshness of Bogor air (subject to your coming in morning time), the nice view and also you can also try to taste street Indonesia’s breakfast.

Come on.

Get up from your bed. Go out from your hotel. I know your hotel is convenient and comfortable. However, why do you come to Bogor just to stay in your hotel. There is no meaning.

Experience the street. Taste the food. Interact the people. Taste the Rain City, Bogor.

You can do it by visiting Heulang Park, The Palcon park. It’s not too far from the center of the city, Bogor Palace. Only one and half kilometers. You can just walk and inhale a bit chilly but fresh morning air of Bogor.

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