Optimus Prime Protects Bogor

I know it is kind of silly talking about this but I saw Optimus Prime here, in my hometown, Bogor. At least, the figure looks very similar to the one in The Transformer, the movie.


Of course, this version can not transform to a big truck like the real Optimus Prime but the appearance is , well, not too far away. It is around 4 meter tall and was made from unused car spare parts.

Bogor Optimus PrimeYou can find it in Eco Art Park, a small park decorated with several interesting statues in Sentul City, Bogor Regency. In the park, the Optimus Prime is accompanied with some other funny and attractive statues but definitely not Autobot members like Ironhide or Jazz. No Decepticon either.

The autobot leader is the only one here.

The Eco Art Park itself has been quite known by Bogor visitors as it’s located next to a floating market named Ah Poong.

The place can be reached easily from the center of Bogor City. The distance is only around 10 minutes driving using Jagorawi highway. It can also be reached from Jakarta.

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