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The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall #1 – Agree ?

Mount Salak, or The Silver Mountain, in Bogor has lots of beautiful spots photographers will be fond of.

Cigamea Waterfall is one of them. The waterfall itself can not be considered as phenomenal. It is not like Niagara Fall in US. However, it still provides plenty to fulfill the hunger of beautiful nature view of who live in cities.

The green landscape with the appearance of the white waterfall in the middle is overwhelming, especially for me who lives 36 kilometers from the location ie in Bogor City.

The beautiful Cigamea Waterfall Bogor

Playing a bit with my Fuji Finepix HS 35EXR zoom, a very standard starter camera, the result looks more interesting and exciting.

The pretty waterfall Cigamea Bogor

It looks definitely nicer and better.

How does it looks if we get closer? Well, please wait a while as I am still working on bunches of pictures taken during my visit to the site.

See you soon.

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