The Legendary Beautiful Astrid Park in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Astrid Park – Can you imagine what beautiful girls or women can influence boys or men? Well, I believe you can. You should know quite well the influence of their beauty.

Men or boys can willingly and voluntarily do everything, even many times stupid things to get the girls attention. However, it is not seldom they encourage boys to exceed their limitation and produce something phenomenal or extraordinary.

It happens everywhere and everytime. Every era wrote long histories about this. My hometown, Bogor has also the same thing.

If you come to the city and walk down inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens, in the East Wing area, you will find a place, beautiful one, named as Astrid Park. It is one spot in the place that can be considered as having one of the best view.

Bogor Astrid Park
The View Of The Beautiful Astrid Park

Astrid Park Was Inspired By Belgium Queen Astrid

Have you veer heard about Queen Astrid of Belgium? She was a wife of Belgium King Leopold III. She was born in 1905 and so sad she passed away so early in 1935 due to accident.

Now, please browse internet to see her picture. Wasn’t she gorgeous? I bet you will say yes.

I think, even for nowadays men, they will not blink if the Queen is still alive and walk in front of them. Even, she would be easily to get ranks in the Miss Universe contest.

I must admire King Leopold III’s luck.

Cann hybrid in Astrid Avenue
Canna Lily

We, Bogorian, should feel very lucky as well. It was because of her coming to Dutch East Indie in 1929, now Bogor still keeps a memory about her in the form of beautiful Astrid Park.

The park was set up specially to welcome her when she accompanied her husband to visit the colony of Belgium’s ally at that time.

The administrator of the Lands Platentuin, the predecessor of Bogor Botanical Gardens, decided to establish a new park in the Eastern part of the Gardens to be shown to the young queen.

The park has , for years become one of the most favorite places to be visited and seen by tourists and visitors of the Botanic Gardens.

The reason is simply because the Astrid Park is so pretty and beautiful as the original owner of the name.

The Astrid Park in bogor
The Astrid Avenue

Three Parts Of Astrid Parks

Actually, the name of Astrid has been attached to three parts of the Gardens. All finally can be considered as big one, Astrid Park.

The first is The Yard. You can see what I meant on the first picture. It is the landscape you would see.

Thick grass makes the Yard look like a natural green carpet.

The second is the Astrid Avenue. This was the street where The Queen Astrid walks during her visit to the Gardens.

It is not too long, only about 200-300 meters. The avenue has two lanes and they are separated by a narrow garden full with colorfull Canna Hybrid or Canna Lily.

This plant makes the avenue looks so colorful and cheerful.

The last is the Pond. There is a small fountain in the middle of the pond. What makes it so special is because there is a rare species inside, the Giant Lotus or Victoria Amazonica.

The Astrid Park
The Pond

You can read The Giant Lotus – Victoria Amazonica┬áto know about the species. It has a beautiful flower.

These tree forms a fabulous combination in the name of Astrid Park.

Well, you see.

The beautiful queen has encouraged men in the Lands Platentuin administrator board to create this beautiful Astrid Park. This is in accordance with the nature of men that like pretty and beautiful girls/ladies/women.

Don’t take it so serious mates. I just wanna show you about Bogor’s Astrid Park. Whether or not the reason behind the creation of the park was because of the beautiful queen or more to politics, it is not a matter.

The Astrid Park in Bogor Botanical Gardens is still beautiful and something you should see if you visit my hometown.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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  1. So beautiful indeed. Those blooms are just breathtaking to look at.
    Happy Christmas!


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